Anger at litter which blights Aylesbury footpath

A footpath near Aylesbury College has been branded as '˜disgusting' by a dog walker who uses it regularly.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 3:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 9:02 pm
Photo showing a shopping trolley in the river running near the footpath in Aylesbury
Photo showing a shopping trolley in the river running near the footpath in Aylesbury

The path which backs on to Mitchell Close is frequently used but has become something of a mess with litter making the area an eyesore, shopping trolleys lying in the river and rubbish bins overflowing.

Speaking on Monday, a Mitchell Close resident told the Herald: “There is so much litter – the path looks disgusting and it needs to be addressed.

Photo showing a rubbish bin overflowing on to a footpath near Aylesbury

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“It is a path that is frequently used and I walk my dog along it regularly.

“There is a nursery nearby and I am concerned that children could trip over rubbish that is left on the path.

“I have seen squirrels eating plastic, I think there are rats in some of the bins, the stream is full of shopping trolleys and other objects, and the bins are overflowing.”

The issue was reported to Aylesbury Vale District Council more than a week ago and in correspondence seen by this newspaper they said they had passed the issue of the overflowing bin to Aylesbury Town Council and requested that the contractor cleared litter from the path.

Photo showing litter in ditches/streams on the footpath near Aylesbury

The resident added: “I think Aylesbury College and Bucks UTC should highlight the problems to their students.

“Myself and some other residents of Mitchell Close are planning to go and do our own litter pick along the path.”

In a statement the district council said: “Following a report from a resident, we contacted the Environment Agency regarding removing items from the brook that runs alongside Mitchell Close.

“We then worked with them to collect and dispose of the waste that was removed.

Photo showing litter by the side of a footpath in Aylesbury

“Mitchell Close itself is not an adopted road, so we would not do any works in the close.

“However, the footpath/bridleway that runs alongside the college is adopted, and we litter pick the site three times a week.

“We had an initial report on November 19 that a bin had been broken and as a result there had been a build up of litter at the site.

“We reported the broken bin to Aylesbury Town Council and asked for it to be repaired.

“Additionally, a monitoring officer inspected the site on November 19 and found that the stream had several fly-tipped items in it.

“We reported this to the Environment Agency on November 21 who came out and worked with us to clear the fly tipping on the following day.

“Prior to these events, we’ve not received any reports of concerns from this location.”

The images accompanying this story were taken on November 17.