Anger at ‘ridiculous’ application for 120 new homes in Stone

A map showing the site of the proposed development in Stone
A map showing the site of the proposed development in Stone

Residents of Stone are deeply unhappy after learning that an application for a huge housing development featuring 120 new properties has been submitted on Eythrope Road.

So far there have been 87 objection letters to the development, and Stone Parish Council held an public planning meeting to discuss the effects that the development will have on the village.

The site on Eythrope Road is a former landfill site and has prompted fears from residents that ‘all manner of toxic materials’ may be released in the building process.

A Stone Parish Council statement said: “The only comment from the parish council at this stage is that a public planning meeting was held on Wednesday August 15 in Stone Village Hall to discuss the planning application in Eythrope Road for 120 houses.

“The meeting was well attended, with more than 80 residents present.

“After some discussion, where residents were invited to comment, the parish council planning committee voted unanimously to recommend that the parish council object to the planning application.

“This will now be put to the full parish council for ratification at their September meeting.”

In a letter published on the portal, Bucks County Council are asking for a financial contribution from developers to expand existing primary and secondary schools in the planning area to accommodate the development.

Stephen Chainani, school place planning and commissioning partner said: “Secondary schools in the area are currently at capacity and estimated pupil growth from over 8000 homes with outstanding housing permission is projected to put significant increased pressure on schools with a significant deficit of places projected.”

Citing just a few of the objection letters, Miss Sarah Coleman wrote: “I think that this application is ridiculous, there is no need for a rural village to have a large number of houses built, the road (a single track with an unstable surface and no room to make wider and be safe for the public, walkers and agricultural others such as horses) and the roads facilities such as water and waste will not cope.

“The road already struggles with the amount of traffic it has, adding in more houses when most families have two cars will add 240 more cars to the road. “Currently the potholes were only filled for the Tour de Vale cycle ride, and it is already beginning to fail again.”

Mr John Burgess wrote: “I currently leave home at 6.30am to avoid the traffic build up on the A418, unfortunately returning home I often experience queuing from Dinton and beyond.

“The introduction of traffic lights or a roundabout would make the situation worse.

“Recently there has been an accident involving two lorries and ten years ago my son was knocked over crossing the road after leaving the school bus.

“Parking close to the junction leads to a traffic hazard as cars enter/leave Eythrope Road.

“Additional traffic at the Eythrope Road/A418 junction will increase that hazard.”

Dr Juliet Burgess said: “Eythrope Road is a narrow country no-through road which is already very busy both from residents vehicles as well as from the large amount of people who visit the road as an area of natural beauty.

“There are considerable opportunities for walking and biking.

“Maintaining the ability for people to safely walk and ride down the road without fear for their lives from a huge upsurge in traffic is vital for the health and well being of the community.

“The junction of Oxford Road (A418) and Eythrope is already a busy junction.

“Turning right from Eythrope Road can be difficult at peak times.

“Frequently there are queues of traffic along the A418 backing up past Eythrope Road, particularly when there is any incident in Aylesbury.

“How much worse would this be if we have an extra 200 cars accessing the road especially with the possible introduction of traffic lights?

“The road junction is dangerous and many of us have had near misses in this area.

“There was also a serious collision at the crossroads only a few months ago.

“Ten years ago my son was knocked over by a car just past the junction having got off the school bus and attempting to cross the road.”