Angel Wings hold International Bereaved Mother's Day event

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Diane and Allie from Angel Wings are holding a fundraising event in memory of babies and infants who never had the chance to take their first steps.

Diane Ratcliffe said: "We are holding an annual event this on International Sunday 13 May 2018 at 2pm in Wendover Woods, main picnic area. This was organised by myself Diane Ratcliffe and Allie Girling, who are both representaties for Angel Wings and Cuddle Cots.

Allie has currently raised £21,000 for Cuddle Cots.

"We are hosting this fundraising event in memory of babies and infants who never had the chance to take their first steps, so we are taking the steps for them."

This will be an event for bereaved parents and families who have lost babies in either pregnancy or shortly after.

The reason we chose this date is because it is International Bereaved Mother's Day.

Diane added: "We are hoping to be joined by around 50 parents and families."

On arrival attendees will be given information about the Cuddle Cots cause and about Angel Wings and about Cooperative Funeralcare and our support for bereaved parents, being able to say goodbye to their babies in their own homes.

So far Angel Wings have donated 2 Cuddle Cots to Cooperative Funeralcare for the Bucks area.

At the event we will supply them with a wooden heart and they can decorate it this with the babies name. We will then take the walk for our babies, which is about 0.8 mile until we reach a clearing with a beautiful shaded area under an old tree that is marked clearly.

Parents can then hang their decorated hearts onto the tree.

A local Civil Celebrant will read out the babies names, one by one and then read a little poem for them. We then release two white doves from a basket decorated with pink and blue ribbons.

Then its back to the gazebo where we have a professional chef and photographer who will serve hot dogs and fairy cakes etc.

We are hoping that parents can get support from one and other and know that they are not alone.