Andy Collins column: '˜What is going on with Aylesbury's roads?'

Is it the end of the summer holidays yet?

Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 4:42 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 4:42 pm
Andy Collins

I hope they go back to school soon as I’m sure like you have said a few times too, it’s blooming expensive this kids’ school holiday lark isn’t it?! 
I think I’ve been to every adventure park, public farm and swimming pool in Bucks, when did going to places become so expensive? 
I’m still hyperventilating after finding how much a family day pass at Whipsnade is!

And I’ve spent so much cash at The Works in town on milkshakes and pancakes - I’m a gold card loyalty member (bloody great shakes though, highly recommend the mint choc) so I must congratulate the council on the free weekend of concerts and events in the park the other week, just such a shame about the weather on Sunday. 
Now before you all start giving yourself high fives and breaking out the champagne Aylesbury council there is a BUT coming but not yet, first up I want to confess I’ve lived in Aylesbury for ten years plus and I have never ever gone to The Bucks County Show.

I don’t know why it just wasn’t on my radar until this year when I went there to do my BBC Three Counties Breakfast radio show live from the venue, and I have to say what a fantastic event, so much to see and do, and don’t worry you don’t have to be a farmer Giles or an avid watcher of Countryfile, or even have to wear tweed and wellies to appreciate it. 
I’m as much a towny “you’re not from these parts” as you can get and I was blown away by it all so trust me put it in your diary for next year - well worth a visit and, yes, the kids will love it. 
Now about the BUT, Aylesbury Council, WHAT is going on with the roads?! 
The Tring Road with the emergency roadworks (not that much of an emergency took two days and stopped work at 5pm)!

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The resurfacing going on Elmhurst Road and Broughton Lane (to name just three ) Broughton Lane bridge closed for three months to do traffic lights and repairs, no offence, three months to do traffic lights - hope the contractor is not charging you a day rate! 
I could build you a bypass ring road in that time!
I know it doesn’t affect you much Aylesbury councillors what with you in your ivory towers and big houses in Stone (poshest place I could think of) but for us common people who have to go daily into town to work or go to Tesco (other supermarkets are available) five minute journeys are taking 50 minutes plus and blood pressures are going through the roof, so how about rather than giving another green light to another development of thousands of houses how about getting the roads and infrastructure sorted first and by that I mean ring road, bypass!! 
And if not have at least someone in the roadworks organising department who can just do that organise and sort it out (cue the it’s not down to us it’s another department, council committee excuses) ARGHH and breathe!!
On a happier note, we had our auditions for Peter Pan the panto at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre the other month.

This was for dancers and child actors to join us seniors pros on stage over Christmas and what can I say, the standard was very high and what a talented bunch we have onboard. 
Chris the director and I just have to write the thing now, only 96 days till we open...ARGHH! 
And to really end on a high what a fantastic start to the season for my beloved Watford FC, for some reason none of my Spurs friends want to answer their phones!

We are top of league say we are top of the league. 
Keep smiling Andy xxxxxx