A418 gas leak fixed - but now there is a burst water main in Aylesbury town centre

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The gas leak that caused the closure of the A418 between Wingrave crossroads and Bierton has been repaired - but now a water main has burst in Aylesbury town centre.

Engineers began working on the A418 gas leak last night (Sunday) but could not complete work in time for the Monday morning rush hour, leading to travel congestion across the town which particularly affected commuters from the Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes directions.

This has now been re-opened however just after this news came through we were told a water main had burst in the town centre.

Areas including Exchange Street and the High Street are the worst affected while many homes and businesses are without water, with some businesses including The King's Head pub in Aylesbury forced to close.

Thames Water tweeted: "We’re aware some customers in #HP19 #HP20 #HP21 are experiencing no water/low pressure.

"We’re on our way to investigate now and we’ll provide an update as soon as we have more info."

Buses in Bucks have just tweeted a note about the impact that the water leak is having on public transport.

They say: "Due to a water main leak, buses travelling between the town centre & Tring Road, will need to travel via Walton Street, Walton Road and re join on the normal route at the Tesco roundabout Tring Road.

"Stops on Exchange Street and the lower part of the High Street will not be served."