A shock for Herald reader!

Bedgrove Farm
Bedgrove Farm

Imagine the shock reader Gillian Rankinhad when she opened the Bucks Herald last week and saw a photo of her father from nearly 60 years ago!

Mrs Rankin’s dad George Salmon is the man walking the dog (called Jock), at what used to be Bedgrove Farm and later became the estate of the same name.

Bedgrove Farm auction, 1959 PNL-150501-152801001

Bedgrove Farm auction, 1959 PNL-150501-152801001

Mrs Rankin said: “When I opened the paper I thought ‘oh my goodness!”

Mr Salmon managed the farm for owner James Walker, of Longwick.

When the farm was sold off for housing, he lost his job and started work at the The Bifurcated & Tubular Rivet Company, which his daughter said he ‘hated’. Fortunately Mr Walker then offered him a job at his farm in Longwick, where he moved his family.

Mrs Rankin, of Butlers Cross, said: “I had a very happy childhood playing on Bedgrove farm.

I have got a niece who lives there now and so I go through there sometimes.

Right at the back there is still the stream and trees which is where we used to have picnics.”

Pictured is the photo of Mr Salmon and his dog, taken in 1958.

The other photo is from the auction a year later which sold off the farm’s land and livestock.