A new cafe has come to Aylesbury with an unusual twist...

Emma Symonds, Event Organiser
Emma Symonds, Event Organiser

It’s called the ‘Pay as You Feel Cafe’ - the first of its kind in Aylesbury, and their first session was on Monday, with more to follow every Monday from 10 till 2pm from St Joseph’s Parish Hall.

They will be operating as part of The Real Junk Food project, a national initiative started in 2013 to prevent food waste.

The motto for the company is “Feed bellies not bins - let’s really feed the world.”

The cafe is set to use ‘rescued’ surplus food from supermarkets, independent retailers, markets, farms and allotments that would otherwise be sent to landfill and use it to create nutirious meals for the whole community every Monday.

There are no prices on the menus and people are invited to pay what they feel their meal is worth in either time, money or skills.

Emma Symonds, organiser said: “I saw a cafe in Northampton and really liked the idea, then looked into the real junk food project -and it’s all gone from there.

“It’s taken about 3 or 4 weeks to get the project off the ground and it’s just exploded from there! The response has been fantastic.

“We’re currently open on Monday’s from 10 till 2 but we are looking to be open everyday, and are looking for premises to host.

“It’s a completely voluntary sceheme, and we are always looking for volunteers and donations.

“We’ve got agreements with supermarket Morrisons, BCC have been brilliant, we’re working with them and Nando’s, Marks and Spencer too. We have a meeting with Tesco next week but all of our food comes from supermarkets or anywhere with surplus food.

“We aim to be completely inclusive and feed everybody regardless of their financial circumstances.

“unlike food banks there is no need to be referred and we will never ask for proof of income.

“Our aim is that nobody in Aylesbury should go hungry. This is a real start and we need to build on it!

To get in touch or volunteer, call Emma Symonds on 07788444158