A load of bollards! Posts pop up without warning

Bollards off Bicester Road, Aylesbury
Bollards off Bicester Road, Aylesbury

Bollards installed at the entrance to a block of garages to stop cars ‘damaging the road surface’ have caused a stir among residents.

After accessing their garages using the bridleway entrance from Bicester Road for ‘donkey’s years’, one homeowner was surprised to find bollards had been erected.

Wishing to remain anonymous, she said: “I turned in to go down the lane, but I couldn’t go any further because of the bollards. I had to reverse back out into the traffic on the Bicester Road, which was quite dangerous.”

She said she and other residents had not been contacted by Transport for Bucks, which installed the £200 bollards, and also expressed concern that emergency vehicles would not be able to gain access to the garages if needed.

There is another entrance via Abbey Road but it is only wide enough for one car, so if two vehicles meet eachother, one has to reverse.

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said: “Bollards have been installed to safeguard path users and to prevent damage from cars to the road surface.

“There is no public right for vehicular access down this bridleway; some properties may have private access in their property deeds, but otherwise usage by motor vehicles is likely to be an offence.”