A fresh look at charity issues

Trust in charities is at an all-time low and the sector must work together to restore its reputation.

That’s the message from the boss of Community Impact Bucks, Nick Phillips.

He’s behind a major charity conference on Tuesday (September 29) which takes place at The Gateway in Aylesbury.

He claims coverage of issues like telemarketing and the downfall of Kids Company have only served to make the public nervous about their interaction with voluntary organisations.

And he admitted: “It’s been a tough year for a sector that does so much important work.”

He continued: “We cannot afford to let recent media scandal undermine that work because too many lives depend on it.

“It’s never been more important for charties to connect with supporters and volunteers on an emotional level – and that can only be achieved through powerful storytelling.”

He said the aim of the conference was to provide a fresh perspective on how charities communicate their message and to provide useful tips and tools to make an even bigger impact.

He said: “We have an exceptional list of speakers who can offer real insight into how to improve marketing and communications activity, both on and offline, to benefit overall income generation and donor retention for charities of all sizes.”

There are more than 164,000 registered charities in the UK (as well as thousands of community groups) and four out of five struggle for funds. Many receive no external funding, in spite of delivering essential services that were once provided by the public sector.

A recent survey revealed that reputation is one of the greatest concerns for non-profit making organisations, together with attracting volunteers and demonstrating success.

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