900 tonnes of salt on Vale roads

The gritters' primary routes in the Aylesbury Vale District
The gritters' primary routes in the Aylesbury Vale District

Gritters have been out 18 times in the Vale so far during the winter cold snap to distribute 900 tonnes of gritting salt onto the roads.

When road surface temperatures are forecast to drop below one degree C, gritters take to Aylesbury Vale to salt the 390.5 miles of the primary precautionary routes, which takes two and a half hours to complete on average.

Decisions on what roads to salt are based on the importance of that road, with priority being given to those carrying the highest volumes of traffic and where the risks of accidents are greatest.

Precautionary salting is carried out on all A and B roads and key local roads such as those serving industrial areas, shopping centres, and significant roads in towns and in rural areas.

Decisions are made based on local daily forecasts and on road temperatures rather than air temperatures. Salting is normally carried out after the evening rush hour or before the morning peak hour.

Bucks County Council does not supply salt for households but it can be purchased from builders’ merchants or dishwasher salt can be used.

For more information, visit the Transport for Bucks website here.