7-year-old Isla is spreading Aylesbury cheer, one rainbow at a time

A 7-year-old has been making rainbows out of Hama beads and giving them out to keyworkers and her neighbours to keep morale sky high.

Thursday, 7th May 2020, 11:57 am
Updated Thursday, 7th May 2020, 1:18 pm
7 year old Isla has been sharing the love with local residents and keyworkers

Initially, Isla began making the rainbows for some of her friends and her neighbours, as many of the people who live near to her are classified as vulnerable and she wanted to brighten their day and express she was missing them.

One of her friend's mums is a nurse, so it was especially emotional when she dropped that particular rainbow round on her daily family walk.

Seeing the positive reaction the rainbows were bringing, Isla decided to make more and leave them outside for everyone to enjoy, she said herself "I thought it would make people happy".

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Please take a rainbow!

Auntie Roxanne said: "My 7 year old niece, Isla Kuhn, who lives in Aylesbury with her older brother, Dexter, Mum, Joely and Dad, Oli has been beavering away over the past few weeks making rainbows out of Hama beads to cheer people up.

"It began when she made some for a couple of her friends and neighbours. Seeing that it brought a little joy to them, she began making them for passers by to pick up and hang in their houses.

"She's made 205 so far and is busy making more as we speak."

"Doing this has kept Isla busy and made her feel better when she's felt sad about not being able to see her friends and family properly at this time."

Her mum, Joely said, "We think what she's been doing is very special, she has been keen to make more every day and it's been lovely seeing her excitement when people have taken the rainbows and how happy she is knowing that other people are being brought some happiness, we are very proud of her."

Isla, who hopes to become a vet when she's older has a message to all frontline workers.

She said: "Thank you so much for protecting us all and keeping us safe."

Isla and her family have enjoyed spotting the rainbows up in people's windows when they have been out on their daily walks around Aylesbury, where they live, and have received some very kind pictures and thank you cards through the letterbox.

Isla's run out of a few colours so is currently waiting on a big order of beads, then she'll be full speed ahead again!