11-year-old Oliver from Aylesbury pens poignant tribute to fallen heroes

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His parents thought he was mucking about on the computer – but 11-year-old Oliver Winstone from Aylesbury was in fact penning a remarkably poignant tribute to fallen heroes.

The Bedgrove Junior School pupil read out his moving poem – titled It’s Time to Remember –at Aylesbury Rugby Club’s remembrance service on Sunday.

In his own time, Oliver decided to (without mentioning it to even his parents, who thought he as mucking around on the computer) write a poem about Remembrance and asked if he could read it out at the service.

A club spokesman said: “It is amazing and heart warming to know that those who fought for us all those years ago and continue to do so today are not being forgotten by the younger generations.”

Oliver’s poem in full:

It’s time to remember

It’s time to remember the people in the war,

The people that risked their lives,

In order to keep us safe.

They killed for us,

They protected us,

They got shot for us,

In order to keep us safe.

It could have been our parents, our grandparents,

Or even our great grandparents,

that died in the war,

Maybe a friend,

But they all have 1 thing in common,

And that’s that they fought for us,

In order to keep us safe.

It’s only 2 minutes,

Only 2 minutes to remember the heroes in our lives,

The ones who killed,

The ones that died,

The ones that got injured,

It’s only 2 minutes,

2 minutes to say thank you.

So thank you.