10 of the funniest Twitter accounts on the General Election

Twitter is awash with politics as the general election campaign enters its final week.

But social media need not always be serious - even when debating who should be next prime minister. For those looking for current affairs with a large dash of light relief, here are 10 of the best profiles to follow.

Theresa May Casebooks (@TMayCasebooks)

Dear Deidre - the long-running agony aunt column in The Sun - is gloriously crossed with party politics. While the real Photo Casebook features models posing as ordinary people discussing everyday relationship problem, this version swaps the platitudes about boyfriends for some well-observed Westminster lines. “Don’t worry, love” a wife says to her husband. “Everyone performs a u-turn at some point. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” “I’m worried you’ll leave me for someone more strong and stable,” he replies.

Is John Curtice on TV? (@JohnCurticeOnTV)

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Britain’s leading psephologist is a regular guest on news and current affairs programme to offer his expert insight into political polling. This twitter account simply asks: is Curtice on TV? And the answer, during the campaign season at least, is almost certainly yes.

Brian Elects (@BrianElects)

This spoof polling firm looks so convincing it’s easy to mistake it for the real thing. It’s only when you read it’s supposed results it finally clicks. “Who is most likely to lead to Paul Nuttall’s downfall?” one question asks. Answers: Natalie Sturgeon: 9% Natalie May: 4% Natalie Corbyn: 22% Paul Nuttall: 65%

Political Partridge (@PoliticalAP)

“Photos of politicians and Alan Partridge quotes in perfect harmony,” is how this account succinctly describes itself. Fans of the legendary Steve Coogan creation will know that some politicians} just can’t help sounding - or looking - like Partridge when out on the campaign trail.

Larry the Cat (@Number10cat)

This unofficial account - it is not known if the real Larry is a fan - offers wit and wisdom in the style of No 10 Downing Street’s best known mouser. Sample tweet: “The early bird catches the worm... and then gets eaten by the cat that hasn’t been to bed yet.”

Ed Miliband (@Ed_Miliband)

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The genuine profile of the former leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition is still a home for serious political profile. But Miliband, who led Labour into the 2015 general election, has revealed a more humorous side to his personality following his return to the back benches. Such is his online wit, one online magazine even ran a feature with the headline: “16 times Ed Miliband was the sassiest politician on Twitter”. Something that would have been unthinkable only two years ago.

Mollie Goodfellow (@hansmollman)

Political journalists, it’s fair to say, may not always be the most popular members of the fourth estate. But Goodfellow, an editorial assistant for Sky News, has amassed a large twitter following thanks to her warmth, insight and good humour. While posting regular updates on the campaign, Goodfellow is not adverse to her an amusing caption or three. A picture of the Trumps meeting the Pope came with the question: “Why does Ivanka look like the widow at the funeral of her elderly, wealthy husband who died under mysterious circumstances?”

Matt Forde (@mattforde)

The stand-up comedian, broadcaster and Nottingham Forest fan has been delivering political hot takes and put downs for several years. “I’ve printed the Green manifesto on single sides of paper. #ironyofallironies” was one recent observation.

Christian Adams (@Adamstoon1)

The recently appointed political cartoonist for the London Evening Standard is not afraid to take aim at any of the major parties. Adams won plaudits this week when his drawing of a towering suicide bomber standing alongside a small girl was shared thousands of times. The caption asked: ‘Who is smaller?’

Tory Jesus (@Tory__Jesus)

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“The children of the rich shall inherit the earth”, says a smiling figure of Christ. Even the biggest Conservative supporter would struggle not to smile when viewing some of these Sunday School-style illustrations.=

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