Could Holographic Breathing help you during childbirth and beyond? Find out at Aylesbury workshop

The founder of a spiritual breathing technique which could help induce an 'ecstatic state' during childbirth is hosting a session for mothers to-be in Aylesbury.

By Hayley OKeeffe
Thursday, 17th October 2019, 2:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th October 2019, 3:52 pm
File photo pregnancy
File photo pregnancy

Holographic Breathing was founded by Bucks-based spiritual healer Martin Jones, and over the years he has worked with a number of mothers to be and their partners to prepare them for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Martin says that most mothers he has worked with say that the holographic breathing technique can cut down pain by up to 70% and puts the woman in more control over her labour, making her less likely to reach for pain killers or other forms of medical intervention.

He said: "When I first discovered holographic breathing I worked with a lady who had broken her leg and painkillers were not working. She told me that the only thing that was working for the pain was practising Holographic Breathing.

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"The session is for expectant mothers and for women who are trying to conceive as we have had a lot of success with Holographic Breathing and conception.

"Fathers to be are welcome too.

"This deeply relaxing breathing system is well known for helping mothers through pregnancy and Childbirth.

"Most mothers say that Holographic Breathing significantly reduces the pain of labour, and that being able to relax through birth helped them have a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

"Holographic Breathing can also help relax and align the spine and pelvis through pregnancy and birth. This is very helpful for relieving discomforts that can build at this time."

He added: "After Giving birth many mothers find Holographic Breathing Wonderful for recuperating. Also there are ways of using this breathing to heal your baby especially if they become ill with different childhood illnesses."

Sjanie Hugo, hypnotherapy author and founder of The Fertile Body Institute was helped my Martin to prepare for her own pregnancy and birth.

She said: "Before the birth the breathing really helped me to come in contact with my self, my body, and my baby in a very deep way.

"During the birth Holographic Breathing helped ease and clear the pain of the contractions. This was such medicine, so effective and pleasurable."

And Francoise Freedman, yoga author and founder of the Birthlight Trust also shared her experience.

She said: "Being introduced to Holographic Breathing by Martin Jones was an immediate revelation. The simplicity of the initial practice reminded me of my first session of Pranayama with Philip Jones, many years ago.

"Once Holographic Breathing was established, it felt so easy and natural that I could not imagine not using it through the day and through life. Holographic Breathing is of value in all the areas of teaching within Birthlight. It is well worth trying and I found that once I had increased the awareness of my jaw, cranium and pelvis while breathing, there was just no going back!"

The session is being held on November 14 at 41 Grenville Road in Aylesbury.

For more information and to register an interest in attending call Martin on 07795810485

To find out more about Holographic Breathing go to