Watch the heartwarming moment a Woburn Safari Park bear takes a wash

A video of a Woburn Safari Park bear who washes herself with a flannel has captured the hearts of the nation.

By Paige Brown
Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 1:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 1:38 pm
Indiana the North American black bear
Indiana the North American black bear

Indiana the North American Black Bear was spotted by a visitor to the park acting in the incredibly human way.

The visitor, Kate Dennis, said:"She was having a great time in the water, splashing around and shaking water everywhere. She then found a piece of the pond lining material and started washing with it. This was amazing to watch as it was so human like, she washed behind her ears and her feet."

She added: “We feel so privileged to have seen what we saw. This was a great end to the safari and was definitely the highlight of the day.”

Indiana the North American black bear

Craig Lancaster, head of Indiana's section at the the safari park said: “Indiana is our smallest bear but she is also very feisty. She can often be seen sparing and play fighting with the much bigger male bears and is more than a match for them.

" Like all the bears she loves being in the water and spends lots of time playing in the pond and also keeps a close eye out waiting for the keepers to clean and refill the drinking troughs particularly in hot weather although they often sit in them and use them like baths instead of drinking from them!”

The North American black bears living at Woburn have a 13 acre reserve, which they share with the Canadian Timber wolves. This is one of the only mixed carnivore enclosures in the UK.

Woburn has six bears, three females (including Indiana) and three males. All six bears live outside 365 days a year and will hibernate through the cold months of winter.

The video of Indiana having a wash has been watched by thousands of people