NOSTALGIA: Aylesbury’s shopping centre is very different now compared to 1986

Friars Square Shopping Centre, Aylesbury - pictured in December 1986

A more personal subject this week as we look back at how Friars Square shopping centre was in December 1986.

Being a child of the 1970s and 80s this is a very familiar scene for me.

I spent many happy times in Zodiac toy shop on the right.

Also, when I was a pupil at Quarrendon County Secondary School we would occasionally have ten pin bowling matches at Jardines on a Thursday afternoon.

My brother bought a cassette recorder from Currys in 1982, which I remember vividly as we had a lot of fun with it at the time.

Next to it was Manfield shoe shop which I also used.

It really doesn’t seem like over 30 years ago.

Like many people of my generation this was their Aylesbury and although the shopping centre’s architecture was quite hideous and dull it will always remain a place full of fond memories.

Five years later work began on transforming Friars Square into the place we know today.

It certainly is a very difference place now.

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