Back In Time: Great views offered by the Telephone Exchange in Aylesbury

Bucks Advertiser photographer Alec Weston took this picture during the construction of the Aylesbury Telephone Exchange in the mid 1950s

During the construction of the Telephone Exchange on June 9, 1955, Bucks Advertiser photographer Alec Weston took a series of photographs showing the town before the major developments happened.

They capture a town that had changed little since Victorian times.

Shown here is the junction of New Street and Cambridge Street.

One building helps to tie in exactly where it is, and that is the Oddfellows Arms pub immediately below which is now Domino’s Pizza.

The white building facing it is the Nags Head with a jumble of other buildings adjacent to it.

Behind there is Upper Hundreds.

The chimneys in the distance were part of the gas works – the large gasometer can just be seen to the right of them.

When the new gas works opened in Gatehouse Road the old site was cleared.

Also in this photograph is St John’s Church, the gable end of it is on the immediate left.

The church was demolished in 1970 to create a car park for the Telephone Exchange.

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