Back In Time: Charabancs at Bull’s Head were all the rage

Bulls Head, Market Square, 1930s
Bulls Head, Market Square, 1930s

This week we pay a visit to one of Aylesbury’s long lost hostelries, the Bull’s Head in Market Square.

Photographed in the 1930s it shows a party of travellers on a charabanc stopping there on their way through town.

The vehicle owned by Chapman & Sons of London and Eastbourne had 23 seats.

These charabancs were all the rage back then and were a great way to see the country.

The Bull’s Head had recently had its appearance altered, courtesy of Mr Gargini who ran the hotel.

Previously it had a rather plain frontage. Inside it was full of old timber beams and had lots of character.

At the rear was a large function room with garages beyond and a small garden.

This whole complex was demolished in 1969, marking the end of what was an intense decade of change in the town.

The site remained empty for just over 10 years and was used as a car park.

Hale Leys shopping centre was then built and just by the entrance today is a plaque which tells the history of this site.