We’ll cut back on all sorts, but the Sky is the limit...

The results of a survey released this week reveal the lengths TV-obsessed Brits will go to in order to preserve their monthly television subscriptions.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 9th July 2012, 1:22 pm

The findings show that 75 per cent (11 million) of subscribed households would openly prioritise spending on their TV package over holidays, weddings, going out and many essential everyday items.

According to the figures, 15 million (61 per cent) households currently subscribe to a monthly paid-for TV package, the vast majority (58 per cent) of which are held with Virgin Media or Sky.

When asked which outgoings household subscribers would sacrifice before cutting back on their TV package in an effort to reduce their monthly spending, 47 per cent said they would cut back on the amount spent dining out, 30 per cent on clothes and personal grooming items and 24 per cent on sports and leisure activities.

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The nation’s determination to protect their TV channels doesn’t stop at entertainment either, with 28 per cent of subscribers prepared to cut back on their holidays and 26 per cent willing to forgo a big ticket item like a car first.

A dedicated nine per cent are even ready to cut back on a wedding, while four per cent say they would rather spend less on their children’s birthday presents and extra-curricular activities than reduce spend on their television viewing.

For around 3.6 million household subscribers (22 per cent) this is already a reality, as 11 per cent have already reduced dining out/going out spend to preserve their TV package, six per cent have cut back on supermarket shopping, six per cent cut back on holidays and five per cent gave up a big ticket purchase.

Carlos Palacios, banking director at Santander, which commissioned the research, said: “Most families in the UK are having to make cut backs with many choosing to stay at home instead of going out to save money, so it’s understandable that they wish to keep hold of their TV subscription.

“Internet, TV and technology are a central part of modern family life, but they do come at a cost, so we’d urge people who feel they need to make other sacrifices to first make sure that they are getting value for money on their current deal.”