Six personality types in search of a new home: which one are you?

Do you jump out of bed on a Sunday morning to start DIY? Do you dream of building an eco-home? Or do you plan to repaint your kitchen cupboard doors in Farrow & Ball?

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 12th June 2014, 12:48 pm
Property news
Property news

The answers to these questions could determine what type of home would best suit your personality, according to a new online NHBC survey.

The UK’s leading standard-setting body and warranty provider of new homes has identified six different categories of UK home buyer:

The Project Hunter – always on the look-out for an investment opportunity “project”, will knock down walls and spend time with drills and hammers to create a dream home.

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The Easy Lifer – loves everything brand new, wants a move-in ready house with state-of-the art appliances and technology, and always the first to have the latest gadgets.

The Altruist – cares about the environment, and would love to install solar panels to keep down energy bills. An avid recycler, never leaves the TV on standby and always uses the washing machine on the ‘eco’ cycle.

The Interior Designer – buys interior design magazines for the latest in cushions and throws, happy to redecorate and create feature walls, but tends to shy away from extensive renovation work.

The Co-Homer – lives under one roof with adult children and elderly parents, needs multiple bathrooms, multi-functional living spaces and lots of storage to accommodate the entire family.

The First Timer – looking to get on the housing ladder with a partner or a house share with friends, prefers low maintenance property as they have used most of their funds scraping together a deposit.

To find out which type of home buyer you are, go to

The survey results highlight that many home buyers would be well-suited to new build homes, which bring many benefits such as low maintenance and high savings on utility bills

NHBC chief executive Mike Quinton said: “The UK’s housing market is on an upward trend, and now is the time that many people are thinking about purchasing a new home.

“NHBC’s new quiz identifies the six different personality types of UK homebuyers and what attracts them to a property.

“Whether you are an altruist, a first timer or an easy lifer, it is worth considering whether a new build property would suit you. New homes bring many benefits – not least an annual saving of up to £1,400 a year on energy bills.”