Is the parrot included? Bizarre questions buyers ask

One in five people viewing a potential home asks whether it is haunted, according to a new survey.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 17th July 2013, 11:24 am

Research by property firm Move with Us uncovered a range of bizarre questions that estate agents are asked when conducting property viewings

200 independent estate agents were asked to contribute to the survey, with the query about ghosts being one of the most common.

One property viewer even tried to connect to the ‘other side’ in the hall way just to make sure. Another viewer said she would welcome spirits in the house as she ‘likes the company’

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Another popular question, asked by 13 per cent of viewers, was about what’s included in the property purchase – and that doesn’t mean just the normal fixtures and fittings.

One man asked the estate agent: ‘Would the vendor be prepared to include the parrot?’

Also popular were questions about animals, and included ‘Does the roof have a squirrel problem?’, ‘Do the cows moo loudly?’ and ‘Are those cows always in the field?’

Only six per cent of questions were about the neighbours. The most random questions include ‘do the neighbours eat a lot of chips?’ and ‘How many cats do all the neighbours have?’

Some other somewhat bewildering questions included; ‘Is the kitchen inside or outside?’, ‘Can I try before I buy?’, and ‘Is there insulation in the garden?’

Move With Us director Robin King said: “Although the data that we’ve collated is amusing it does highlight the importance of buyers needing to be better equipped with as much information as possible before visiting a property.

“Knowing what questions to ask and doing a little bit of research is the best tactic and ensures that buyers have all the information they need to make an informed decision on their home purchase, avoiding any disappointments or regrets further along in the process.

“Jotting down the questions you want answering prior to attending a viewing is always a good idea as often your heart can take over and rule your head before you’ve considered the more practical aspects.”