Bucks named laziest UK county in new survey

A study which recorded over 26,000 data entries, has labelled Bucks as the laziest county in the UK.

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 1:18 pm

Manufacturer, Great Bean Bags, has discovered which UK county is the laziest based off a variety of factors including their exercise habits, the number of takeaways they order and how much sleep they get at night.

Bucks residents came out as the most sloth-like on the company’s data tool, The Lazy Scale.

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Laziest UK places

Adults from all over the UK logged responses explaining their exercise habits, how much sleep they get at night, and how often they swerve the kitchen to order a takeaway.

Bucks residents were the sixth laziest county when it came to how often people walked.

Bucks misses the top 10 when it comes to how little people exercise.

Only eight counties recorded a higher amount of average sleep than Bucks.

The 10 laziest counties

While 19 counties order takeaways more often than in Bucks.

Bucks residents complete on average two hours of exercise, just over an hour of walking a day, and sleep on average for seven hours, the new data found.

Greater London came second, Londoners were found to order takeaways more often and sleep less than their Bucks counterparts.

Londoners order on average three takeaways a week, but complete an impressive 88 minutes of walking a day.

Closely behind in third was Bristol, totalling 7.35 hours of sleep a night, which means Bristolians are getting an extra 30 minutes in bed than the average UK resident.

Great Bean Bags data states that Aberdeenshire, Northamptonshire and Greater Manchester are the counties were residents exercise the least.

The NHS recommends that to stay healthy we must do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week, but some counties aren’t hitting that target.

Residents in Aberdeenshire are only clocking up 136 minutes of exercise, which is a little over 2 hours per week, whilst Northamptonshire comes close in second, only achieving 139 minutes of exercise a week.

Greater Manchester residents just meet the minimum NHS target.

Patrick Tonks, creative director at Great Bean Bags, said: “We created the lazy scale to help people that might be looking at introducing new, healthy habits into their lifestyle - we know how important it is to kick back and relax, but we have to eat healthy and do plenty of exercise as well, with moderation being key.

“New habits are difficult to stick to, so we thought something that offers people a score on their current habits can give them a goal to beat and something to aim for.”

Great Bean Bags lists thinking positive, setting realistic goals and getting rid of distractions as three key ways people can shift out of a lazy mindset.

Negative thinking can often lead to a fear of failure. While it is hard to motivate yourself to climb a mountain on a day’s notice.

Also putting down your phone and setting rewards for after you’ve cooked well or exercised is another suggestion raised.

Harry Griffiths, personal trainer at OriGym Centre of Excellence added: “There are many reasons why we can be lazy, but perhaps the main cause is a lack of motivation brought on by low self-esteem or a lack of positive recognition from others.

"This in turn manifests in procrastination, which makes you stall proactive action."