Are these burgers too hot to handle?

Flaming Grill burgerFlaming Grill burger
Flaming Grill burger
American hot sauce has topped the list of spices ‘too hot’ to handle, according to a new survey of 2,000 Brits by pub chain Flaming Grill.

According to the data, 46 per cent of respondents claimed that the sauce was too hot for them, with jalapenos (44 per cent), siracha style (26 per cent), and peri peri (14 per cent) following closely behind.

Even though we’re not a nation of spice lovers, over one in 10 Brits (16 per cent) say they’ve ordered a spicy meal to impress someone, with a quarter of those who did saying they were trying to impress a friend.

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When we do overload on spicy food, common remedies include drinking water (43 per cent), milk (30 per cent), and yogurt (14 per cent).

Stinger BurgerStinger Burger
Stinger Burger

The research was launched to mark Flaming Grill’s new online competition to rename the Signature Stinger burger, a fiery serve topped with cheese, piri piri sauce and jalapeños.

Brits only have today to submit their entry, with the most ‘pun filled’ submission winning £2,000.

To get involved, customers simply need to follow the Flaming Grill Instagram, share their pun filled suggestion via a comment on the Signature Stinger burger post, found here and share the pinned post.

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Mia Broadbent, Marketing Manager at Flaming Grill, said “We’re looking for a Flamin’ great new name for our Signature Stinger burger, and who better to choose the new name than the great British public?

“With a £2,000 prize up for grabs for the winning name, this is a fantastic opportunity for customers to stretch their creative muscles and potentially pick up a grand prize at the same time!”

The competition is open anyone to anyone on Instagram and will be live until 11.59pm on Monday April 24.

An impartial judge will then shortlist the ten most creative contenders, before opening it up to the public to decide the winner via an Instagram poll.

To enter the competition, visit the Flaming Grill Instagram page site.

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