The Citroen Ami is a cute two-seat city EV that will cost £17 a month

(Photo: Citroen)(Photo: Citroen)
(Photo: Citroen)

Citroen is planning to put its Ami all-electric city car into production.

Closely based on the Ami One concept shown at last year’s Geneva Motors Show, the Ami is a compact all-electric two-seater designed for urban use.

Citroen is positioning it as a safer alternative to scooters, bikes and mopeds for city-dwellers looking for a cheap mode of transport, with three different “ownership” options.

Customers will be able to buy the car outright for €6,000 (just over £5,000), rent it via the Free2Move car sharing platform for 26 cents (22p) per minute or enter into a two-year lease deal that will cost them 19.99 (£17) per month with a €2644 deposit (around £2200).

(Photo: Citroen)

Citroen is launching the Ami in Europe first, saying it will assess its success there before deciding whether to bring it to the UK.

At 2.41m,1.39m wide and 1.52m high the Ami is a true two-seater and, like the Renault Twizy, is classified as a quadricycle, meaning anyone over the age of 16 in Europe can drive one without a licence.

Powering the 485kg Ami is a 5.5kWh lithium ion battery that provides up to 47 miles of range and wil recharge from a domestic socket in around three hours.. Its single motor will let it reach, while a sole motor allows it to hit a top speed of 28mph.

(Photo: Citroen)

Described by its designers as a mobility “object”, the Ami retains the boxy, cute style of last year’s concept, with wheels pushed out to the very corners, doors hinged in opposite directions, fold-up windows reminiscent of those in the 2CV and a panoramic glass roof. Creature comforts are limited but the Ami’s “functional” interior is sealed (unlike the Twizy) and heated and a smartphone dock allows for media and navigation. Citroen says the seating will accommodate even the tallest passengers and features mulitple storage areas, including enough space for a carry-on suitcase in a compartment at the passenger’s feet.

(Photo: Citroen)

Customisation and personalisation will come in the form of various colours of wheel trims, stickers for the quarterlights and roof, and Airbump-style pods on the lower doors.

Vincent Cobée, Citroen brand CEO commented: “For 100 years, Citroen has always been innovative and creative in democratising freedom of movement. This year, Citroen has come up with a new urban mobility solution accessible to everyone: compact, protective, 100 per cent electric, without driving licence and affordable.

“Ami aims to be a real breakthrough in the access to urban mobility, a solution that is as close as possible to new modes of consumption. This great idea was just a concept one year ago, and we are proud that we have made it happen today.”

(Photo: Citroen)

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