Remembrance Day: Winslow school creates poignant collage

The message was 'everybody is included'

Friday, 12th November 2021, 11:40 am

A school in Winslow near Buckingham and Aylesbury created a poppy collage for Remembrance Sunday 2021.

Also, pupils at the Winslow Church of England School crafted poppies from recycled plastic bottles, others painted red poppies onto black and white photos of their hands.

Both were showcased at the school's commemoration of fallen military members yesterday.

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From left to right: Higher level teaching assistant Julie Hartshorn, Amelie Hankers, Molly Whitehead, Max Dewberry, Max Jowers, headteacher Cazz Colmer

Some of the recycled artwork was created by former year six students who have since moved onto the next stage of their education.

The artwork can still be seen throughout the school grounds.

Julie Hartshorn a higher level teaching assistant at Winslow, had the original vision for the display more than a year ago.

She said: "I wanted every child in the school to feel included, so asked teachers back in the summer term to take pictures of the children's hands. Printing the children's hands off in black and white enabled the symbolic red poppy to be painted or drawn in the middle.

From left to right: Max Dewberry, Max Jowers, Amelie Hankers, Molly Whitehead

"When displaying the hands, all classes were muddled up so that children from lower key stage were mixed with children from upper key stage showing that everybody is included throughout our beautiful school.

"The outside poppies are recycled bottoms of 2l bottles and then painted red. Some have been screwed to wooden dowels also painted green and double up as water baths for wild birds. Others have been tied to the fence to create colour all the way through the school."

Amelie Hankers
from left to right: Max Dewberry, Max Jowers, Amelie Hankers, Molly Whitehead