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from Aylesbury Yarn Bombers

Pictures show crafted poppies around Aylesbury on Remembrance Day

This community group spent months preparing poppies ahead of November

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A community group has knitted a series of poppies to decorate Aylesbury town centre during this period of remembrance.

The Aylesbury Yarn Bombing group has been making poppies intermittently since the summer, residents can see the hard work in person until November 16.

Roughly, 30 different people knitted and crocheted poppies that can now be discovered on Market Square.

Conscious of the fact poppies represent something different for everyone, the group has produced poppies in four different colours.

Alongside the traditional red poppies are white, purple and black decorations, all representing different causes people can donate to.

Red represents the Royal British Legion, white, the Peace Pledge Union, purple for Murphy's Law and Black Poppy Rose.

Sarah Ashbourne-Stacey, from the yarn bombers said: "We did stone snakes around Aylesbury in the summer and that was engaging a lot of younger people.

"It was at that time, I thought, 'this is great', this is really reaching people in the community, but it is not necessarily engaging older people, who might be at home, feeling a bit lonely with Covid and things.

"I was looking for something that would engage that wider audience and I think it really has. We just wanted to bring a little bit of joy really.

"We've had great feedback, I've popped into town when it has been dreary, and actually seeing that colour is great. And the feedback is exactly that, it has cheered people up."

The group meets every Friday at Healthy Living Centre in Walton Court, more information is available on the Aylesbury Yarn Bombing Facebook page here.

You can see the team members handiwork by clicking through our picture gallery below:

Roughly, 30 different people knitted and crocheted poppies that can now be discovered on Market Square.