New interactive map names Peter Carington as the most notable person from Aylesbury

A new interactive map has identified the most notable person to ever come from Aylesbury.

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 2nd August 2022, 11:20 am

An extensive map has been developed using data from Wikipedia to reveal the most famous person from each place in the world.

The map has been developed using research conducted at the Paris University.

Woman of the hour Ellen White was not revealed as Aylesbury’s most notable person that honour went to Peter Carington, 6th Baron Carrington.

The notable persons map covers the entire globe

He is best known for his time as Foreign Secretary a role he resigned from in the wake of Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands.

During a lengthy political career the Aylesbury man was also made a peer in the House of Lords.

After resigning from his position in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet he became Secretary General of NATO in 1984 and held the role for four years.

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The most notable people from Aylesbury

You can access the map online here, it covers the entire globe and highlights athletes, politicians, actors, directors, and goes all the way back to Greek philosophers.

Topi Tjukanov is the creator of the addictive map, and has based the results on a 2022 study, attempting to identify the most notable people in the world over a 5,000-year period.

The study was launched to try and create the most comprehensive and accurate database of notable individuals ever produced.

Wikidata and Wikipedia were identified as to of the key sources where information was pulled from.

Lord Carrington (Peter Carington), Secretary General of NATO, Brussels, circa 1985. (Photo by Paul Marneff/Isopress/Keystone/Getty Images)

Among the many factors used to uncover the most famous person from a town or city, researchers checked how many Wikipedia entries that individual had, how long their biography is, and how many people have visited their page.

Other factors included how accurate and detailed their pages were, this included checking whether their date of birth has been added, and how many different sources have been used compile their Wikipedia profile.

The interactive map can also be accessed using different sub categories.

In Aylesbury the filmmaker, best-known for creating the fascinating Seven Up! series, Michael Apted is named the most notable person for Culture.

Eighteenth century naturalist, George Shaw, is Aylesbury’s most notable scientist, and surprisingly, West Bromwich Albion and Scotland winger, Matt Phillips ousted White as the most notable sportsperson.