Man's 'amazing' memories taking the Queen around his home on her last visit to Aylesbury in 1962

Ahead of the Platinum Jubilee, an Aylesbury man has revisited his cherished memories meeting Queen Elizabeth II 60 years ago during her last visit to the town.

By James Lowson
Tuesday, 24th May 2022, 2:02 pm

Brian Coyde who turns 91 next week ,was the owner of one of just two households the Queen took a grand tour of during the 1962.

All these years, later Brian, who still lives in the same home on Oxford Road, has kept a plethora of memorabilia from the day, “just in case anyone didn’t believe me”, he says.

His copy of the invitation, the itinenary for the day, and newspaper clippings recording the visit, are still stored away safely.

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Not only did Brian get one-on-one time with the famous monarch, he was also invited to lunch at Grange School in Aylesbury.

Where officials and roughly 120 residents were fortunate enough to share a dinner with Her Royal Highness, Brian remembers tucking into Aylesbury duck on the day.

A recent photo of Brian

The 90-year-old paints a picture of a confident young woman, comfortable in her position as one of the most famous people on the planet.

He said: “I shook hands with her and invited her around the house.

“She wanted to see all the house, the whole thing. She went upstairs, and had a look at the bedrooms.

"She asked me ‘if I do any decorating’. We had a little chat, she asked me what I do for a living.

A Bucks Herald edition recording the event

"She was very easy to speak to and pleasant. She looked you straight in the eye when she talked to you, which I found unusual.

"She was very upfront.”

Brian isn’t sure why out of all the homes in Aylesbury he was one of the lucky two he got to meet the Queen up close.

One theory he has is that his neighbour was chosen, and popping nextdoor would be “convenient” for the then young Queen.

Brian clutching his invitation

He also believes she was maybe interested in hearing from people who were new to the area, Brian and his family had recently relocated from Harrow.

Ahead of the big day royal officials visited the Aylesbury home and Brian received his much-cherished invitation.

He added: “I was amazed really. I was quite impressed. That’s why I kept it all. I have kept it all for 60 years.”

The invitation and itinerary
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