Zach’s journey: from depression to mental health advocate

In the landscape of mental health, stories of personal struggle often serve as the foundation for great change. Zachariah Isaac's story is one of resilience, compassion, and a deep commitment to supporting others through their own mental health journey. Find out how Zach went from depression to setting up a mental health charity.
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Having battled with depression himself, Zach's experience directed him towards a mission of providing support and assistance to those grappling with similar challenges. His journey led him through years of dedicated study, gaining qualifications to become a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. As an accredited fellow member of the ACCPH, and a supervisor for student therapists with membership in the BABCP, Zach's credentials speak to his dedication and expertise in the field.

In November 2023, Zach took a significant step forward by establishing Balance of the Mind, a (CIO) charitable incorporated organisation based in Aylesbury, Bucks. This non-profit, registered with the Charity Commission and boasting organisational membership with the BACP, with a singular focus: to offer counselling services to individuals suffering with mental health issues.

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Recognising the financial barriers that often stop individuals from seeking help, Zach and his team have made it a priority to provide over 18s, with up-to 20 free counselling sessions for those with low income or receiving benefits. Information on how to access these services is available on our website balance mind charity.

Zach Isaac | Ceo - balance of the mindZach Isaac | Ceo - balance of the mind
Zach Isaac | Ceo - balance of the mind

We have provided over 500 hours of free therapy and are committed to do more. Providing support to those whom suffered stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and suicidal thoughts.

After Covid we have had a significant rise in anxiety in adults and young teens, we are also reaching out to show support to those whom have suffered from Covid or lockdown anxiety.

Zach said: “After suffering with depression for such a long time and coming out of a dark place, Having received the support from the NHS and private therapist. I want to give back to the community and help offload the burden on the NHS. I made a promise to myself to help all those who suffer with mental health issues and never give up on them.”

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“I believe we can help save more people and reach out to a wider audience. Teaching students and counsellors to help spread mental heath awareness and supporting individuals. This will help overcome the stigma around mental health.”

Zach’s mental health advice is now on social media including Tik Tok and YouTube to promote awareness to a wider audience.

Balance of the mind are in collaborations with the Bucks New University and CPPD which is one of the UK's leading humanistic integrative counselling training schools. Providing access and practical training to student therapist.

Zach has also published a step by step guide for students, trainees and qualified counsellors called counsellors guide to counselling, a step by step guide using CBT and ISBT with templates and frameworks. Each session is designed specifically for the clients symptoms and how to overcome them. This step by step guide includes mood cycles, thinking styles, anxiety attacks and breathing techniques, daily activities, emotions of events, seven day stress relief, self awareness, problems and solutions, sleeping guide, fun activities, self beliefs and how to balance your life.

We are always looking to increase our activities to help our community. If you would like to collaborate please contact us.

For further details email: Zach Isaac - [email protected]