Streak of low Covid case numbers ends in Aylesbury Vale today

There has been a significant rise in case numbers today.

By James Lowson
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 5:13 pm

Figures released by the Uk Government today (May 27), shows that 16 new cases of Covid have been confirmed in Aylesbury Vale

This is a significant leap up from the recently low case numbers returned, just two new cases were confirmed yesterday. Whilst no Covid cases were confirmed in the region on Sunday.

The 16 cases announced today account for over a third of the cases confirmed in the past week, only 43 have been announce over the past seven days.

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16 Covid cases confirmed in Aylesbury Vale on May 27

No Covid-linked deaths were reported in Aylesbury Vale.

The latest vaccination data accurate up to May 26, shows 114,293 and 72,602 first and second dose jabs have been administered respectively.

With 30 and 31-year-olds invited to book a vaccination protecting against Covid yesterday, the latest figures show 69.4% of the adult population in Aylesbury Vale have received their first doses. In the area 44.1% of adults have received a second dose of a Covid jab too.

The national figures have also rose in line with the rise seen in Aylesbury Vale. In total, 3,542 new cases, were confirmed in the UK and 10 deaths linked to the virus were recorded. Prior to the emergence of the Indian variant on these shores new figures for the UK had been consistently below one or two thousand per day.