Specsavers rolls out home visiting service across the whole of Aylesbury Vale

A team of mobile opticians can perform eye tests, prescribe glasses and test for an array of conditions, all in people’s homes
Jibran Mahmood makes a home visit (Photo: Specsavers)Jibran Mahmood makes a home visit (Photo: Specsavers)
Jibran Mahmood makes a home visit (Photo: Specsavers)

Two Specsavers opticians have launched a new home visiting service, providing optical care, testing and treatment services across Aylesbury Vale and the whole of Bucks.

The service has been operating for the past seven months and is continuing to grow. And in September, the mobile service will be expanding, with the introduction of an audiological arm.

There are many Bucks residents who are unable to leave their homes unaccompanied, due to a physical or mental illness or disability, limiting their access to basic optical care such as testing and frame fittings, and these are often the people most in need of optical care.

The new service covers every corner of the county, ensuring that no-one need go without adequate optical care.

Heading up the team carrying out the home visits are Chris Furlonger and Jibran Mahmood.

Since starting his career as an optical assistant at Specsavers Dunstable 23 years ago, Chris has risen through the ranks, gaining skills and knowledge to become the director of his own optical home care team.

Jibran Mahmood joined Specsavers in 2019 and started making home visits a year ago in Lincolnshire, before bringing his expertise to Bucks.

Their team of 10, all of whom have at least five years’ experience, make home visits across Beds, Bucks and Cambs.

With the latest in portable optical technology, they not only test and prescribe spectacles but also test for and treat an array of conditions, from diabetic retinopathy to the early signs of glaucoma.

Chris said: “I am thrilled that I, along with the rest of the team, can travel across much of the east of England, providing services to those who aren’t able to visit an actual store.

“There are many places in the east of England that are remote. Not every care service or business will find themselves working in these small towns and you may not find many stores either.

"The Specsavers Home Visit Service allows us to reach every town, no matter the size or accessibility.”