Pensioner, 90, who was airlifted to Aylesbury's Stoke Mandeville Hospital from Scotland after breaking her spine contracted coronavirus and survived

Now her daughters have shared her story of gratitude after doctors at Stoke Mandeville Hospital saved her mother's life
June Weisz celebrates her 90th birthday todayJune Weisz celebrates her 90th birthday today
June Weisz celebrates her 90th birthday today

June Weisz broke her spine while on holiday in Scotland last September and has faced an uphill struggle for her health.

The then 89-year-old spent a month recovering at Lorne and Islands Hospital in Oban, Scotland, before being sent to the National Spinal Unit at the Queen Elizabeth's Hospital in Glasgow.

Because of the injury to her back and June's fragile condition, there was no way she could have endured an ambulance ride all the way down from Glasgow, back to her home in Bierton.

Garcia, June's daughter, said: "We got the call June had been hospitalised after a fall while on holiday, and the doctors suspected that she might have broken her back.

"Luckily, the NHS arranged for a helicopter ambulance to bring June back to Aylesbury and the Spinal Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

"She's a fighter, she's got glaucoma, diabetes, asthma - you name it! So she's tough, but unfortunately she is now partially paralysed because of her injuries."

June was airlifted via air ambulance down to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where dedicated nurses looked after her at the St Andrew's Ward.

Garcia admitted that she was concerned as it took months for her fractured spine to begin to heal.

But unfortunately during her treatment Garcia and her sister Debbie was told the frightening news that her mother had been diagnosed with Coronavirus, and was to be placed on a ventilator in an ICU.

Doctors told the family to prepare for the worst during a call in the middle of the night, as the Coronavirus pandemic was peaking during April.

Because of June's age, her pre-existing conditions, and now her broken spinal column things were looking bleak.

However, thanks to the amazing care of staff at Stoke Mandeville, she pulled through and is now expected to make a full recovery.

Garcia said: "It's genuinely the miracle of all miracles she has survived. She is so resilient.

"We are just so so grateful to the staff at Stoke Mandeville.

"One of the nurses stayed up with mum for two nights holding her hand and reassuring her that things were being okay.

"We had even had a skype call with mum saying out final goodbyes because we weren't allowed to visit after March.

"What the staff are going through at the moment, it's awe-inspiring to see them working so hard saving life's with such a lack of resources, in full PPE. It must be so so hard and hot!.

Garcia said that staff at Stoke Mandeville were now telling June's story to people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus, as inspiration that people can beat this awful disease.

And now after risk assessments and form filling, Garcia and Debbie can now go and see June to celebrate her 90th birthday.

They will, under strict conditions be able to visit June to take her cards and presents.

Garcia continued: "I am eternally indebted to the staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Her consultant team helped her to defy all the odds and she is now undergoing rehabilitation prior to leaving hospital, hopefully in September when the pandemic abates.

"I can't wait to see her. We've all missed her so much.

The family are planning a huge tea party for when she gets the all clear.

Many happy returns, June!