Gawcott Fields Community Solar Farm donate more than £9,000 to local Vale schools

Gawcott Solar FarmGawcott Solar Farm
Gawcott Solar Farm
Gawcott Fields Community Solar farm has donated more than £9000 to local schools in the Vale to support the education of children who are learning at home.

The solar farm has made donations to Buckingham Secondary School to fund software that means the school can communicate and provide resources to children learning at home.

They have also supported Roundwood Primary (Gawcott / Tingewick) with funds to access to online educational services which will help them to engage and educate their pupils remotely.

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The George Grenville Academy in Buckingham have also benefitted from the Gawcott Solar Farm funds, providing hard copy reading and writing materials to encourage home learning.

These donations - given by the solar project which is also providing zero carbon energy to the national grid - will help to ensure that hundreds of families will be able to start a new term at school with the resources they need to make home education both rewarding and engaging.

Head teachers and managers at the schools and groups all expressed their gratitude and the difference this extra support means to the young people.

Cabinet Member for Education, Anita Cranmer, says: “Our schools have really been going the extra mile over the last few weeks, with head teachers, teaching staff, support staff and governors all pulling together to support local children and families.

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“Our Council staff have been providing excellent support to schools and have put in incredible efforts through really supportive partnership working, for which we are very grateful.

"The support provided by Gawcott Fields Solar Farm is really outstanding and a very welcome addition – so on behalf of our school community I would like to say thank you!”

The Solar farm has also supported Buckingham Young Carers, with funds to provide entertaining materials and Amazon vouchers to children living in difficult circumstances and who need help and support at this difficult time.

Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Culture, Gareth Williams, says

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“These funds will make a huge difference in the community’s ability to provide lessons and, we hope, also help families get back to a more ‘normal’ routine of school life.

"Thank you Gawcott Fields Solar Farm, for embodying our Proud of Bucks campaign so well"