Aylesbury care home installs coronavirus killing spray tunnel to protect residents

Bartlett’s Residential Care Home in Stone has installed a 'personal protection tunnel' to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission among residents, staff and visitors.

By Sam Dean
Thursday, 18th June 2020, 12:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th June 2020, 12:18 pm

The tunnel resembles something you may see at airport security but instead of taking a scan a dry mist sanitiser is sprayed on a person for five seconds as they walk through it.

The sanitiser is effective in killing 99.9% of the coronavirus. It works by disabling any virus particles that are present on clothes or exposed skin, thereby reducing their ability to spread.

At the dosage level applied it is environmentally friendly and is compliant with long time exposure limits. For the majority of users, the product should not cause any irritation to a person’s skin or eyes.

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Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel at Bartlett's Care Home in Stone, Aylesbury

Spray is said to be effective “for several hours.”

Christian Pearce, Commercial Director at Conditioned Environment, who are providing the sanitising tunnels, said: “Since Covid-19 hit the country we have worked hard to develop a product here in the UK that will help get us back to work safely and reduce the likelihood of a second peak and help protect vulnerable groups such as people in care homes.

“The Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel will help ensure safer working environments, including those at care homes and hospitals. We are delighted to be supporting Peverel Court Care and helping to ensure that residents can once again see friends and family in a safe way.”

Anil Dhanani of Peverel Court Care who run Bartlett's, said: “At times like this when people want more than ever to spend precious time with family, yet for the protection of all of our residents we were forced to make the difficult decision to cease visits to our care homes.

“As an integral part of our infection control processes, the Gateway Personal Protection Tunnel will help us ensure we minimise the risk of viruses entering the homes keeping our residents safe and allowing visitors to return in a safe and controlled manner.

“The same is true for our fantastic care staff entering and leaving the building daily. Coupled with the wider public benefit of helping to reduce any viral spread into the wider community, it’s a great initiative and one we hope to see rolled out across the company.”