Aylesbury-based cancer charity raises concerns with Government about ending Covid restrictions

It has joined other charities in voicing concerns about the decision to press ahead with Freedom Day

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 3:36 pm

Aylesbury-based charity Lymphoma Action is joining forces with other health care groups to voice concerns over the end of Covid-restrictions from Monday.

Lymphoma Action joined with other Blood Cancer Alliance group cancer charities, and the National Voices coalition of health and social care charities to write to the government.

Between them, the charities have sent two letters, both addressed to the Prime Minister, regarding the rule changes set for July 19.

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Lymphoma Action believes extremely vulnerable people are being overlooked in the rule changes scheduled for July 19
Lymphoma Action believes extremely vulnerable people are being overlooked in the rule changes scheduled for July 19

Specifically, the charities want to address how changes in the rules designed to stop the spread of the virus will affect people considered clinically extremely vulnerable.

On Monday (July 19), the final few businesses like nightclubs, that still couldn't open when further restrictions were lifted on May 17 start up. Whilst the legal requirement to wear face masks in enclosed spaces, like public transport and pubs and restaurants ends on Monday as well.

The Blood Cancer Alliance, of which Lymphoma Action is a member, has written to the government to highlight how a large number of the UK’s blood cancer patient community, including people affected by lymphoma, continue to be clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.

The charity states that due to the immune-suppressive nature of their condition or treatment they are still vulnerable to the virus.

The letter urges the Prime Minister to ensure that advice is clear for people who are clinically extremely vulnerable on how to remain safe.

These charities want Boris Johnson to make sure that vulnerable people are aware of ongoing risks. The charities want further clarity to be provided on the level of protection provided by


These letter asks the government to offer full practical support as people take actions to protect themselves. It also addresses the government's need to raise awareness amongst the

general public of those who are still clinically extremely vulnerable, even after vaccination.

The Alliance has also asked the government to consider taking specific actions to support the needs of people who are extremely clinically vulnerable to COVID-19 in the medium and long term. It believes the government can do this by investing into more research into vaccine efficacy and potential alternative treatments for COVID-19 for people who are immunocompromised.

In addition, Lymphoma Action is one of 56 charities who have signed a letter to the Prime Minister organised by the charity National Voices to ask him to consider the impact of the lifting of COVID-19 measures in England on clinically extremely vulnerable people.

The letter asks the government to urgently address the needs and rights of people who remain at high risk from the virus. It also highlights the importance of keeping COVID-19 infection rates low to ensure economic recovery and protect the NHS whilst it crucially recovers the delivery of non-COVID related healthcare.

Ropinder Gill, Chief Executive of Lymphoma Action comments: "It is vital that people who are still clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 are not forgotten as restrictions are lifted. Together our voices are stronger and so in collaboration with other charities, we will continue to put forward the issues that matter to people affected by lymphoma to the policy and decision makers who can address them."