Ashmead School encourages healthy commuting for kids with 'Park and Stride' maps

Ashmead School encourages healthy commuting for kids with 'Park and Stride' maps
Ashmead School encourages healthy commuting for kids with 'Park and Stride' maps

Ashmead Combined School celebrated the launch of their new Park and Stride Zone Maps last Wednesday.

The maps were made with the support of County Council funding to promote safe and sustainable ways to travel to school.

Ashmead is one of 10 Schools to receive these new maps which outline a zone where parents could leave their cars and help children walk to school safely or 'Park and Stride', reducing traffic in close proximity to school and reducing risk of accidents at drop off and collection times, a concern which resonates with many staff, parents and schools across the County.

The School's Junior Road Safety Officers helped map the area, by spending a morning walking in 5 minute distances from the School. The School then held a competition for children to draw a map of what they saw on the way to school.

The day named 'Bling Your Bike, Sup Up Your Scooter and Shimmy Your Shoes Day', started with a sparkle as over 500 of the 700 plus pupils at the school 'Blinged and Suped up their Bikes and Scooters whilst others Shimmied their shoes.

The children from Reception through to Year 6 enjoyed a special performance from The Extreme Mountain Bike Show who demonstrated some awe inspiring tricks and stunts and also reinforced the importance of road safety and wearing a helmet whilst scooting or cycling to school.

ALLF the County Council Walk to School mascot also made an appearance along with Councillor Brian Roberts, Councillor Steven Lambert and Corrine Randall all whom worked on the map project.

Mrs Cupid, the School's Travel Plan Co-Ordinator and Reception Class teacher said: "We hope these new maps will put some added emphasis on reducing road traffic congestion around our School at drop off and collection times. This is an on going issue for many schools.

"We all want our children to be safe and to enjoy their journey to and from school using a healthy mode of transport, such as Walking, Scooting or Cycling. We hope these maps will encourage those who still need to drive to park their cars a safe and responsible distance from the school and let their children 'Park and Stride' even for just 5 minutes.

"We receive great support from many of our parents who always get on board with events like these, a huge thank you to all who were involved and who helped make the day a great success. It was a pleasure to organise such a fabulous and enjoyable event for the children."

The school is also an active member of The Living Streets Walk Once a Week Campaign, where children use an interactive app to log their journeys to and from school, those who Walk Once a Week receive a special badge from the campaign each month. The top class with the most recorded journeys receive a class award in Assembly.