Anti-Covid vaccination protestors patrolling Aylesbury with bright yellow signs

Protestors holding signs are out on the streets of Aylesbury today

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 1:14 pm

Anti-Covid vaccination protestors have been spotted parading around Aylesbury holding signs, this afternoon (September 30).

Protestors carrying boards spreading an anti-vaxx message are holding up bright yellow boards with various messages - including one which says "Can we trust the media?" - for motorists to read. They were last spotted near the Horse and Jockey junction on Elmhurst Road at lunchtime.

Messages also display information regarding deaths supposedly caused directly by vaccinations worldwide.

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Anti-vaccination protester in Aylesbury

In total, about half a dozen protestors were spotted along the roadside in a bid to dissuade people from vaccinations and vaccinating young people.

A month after the vaccination rollout began in the UK, Bucks Council released a statement warning residents to ignore vaccine-related misinformation.

A Bucks Council spokesperson said: "The COVID-19 vaccine offers the best possible protection from COVID-19, which carries significant health risks if you catch it.

"If it’s a rumour, don’t send it on. Check the facts and get information from trusted sources. Ask yourself, how does the person who’s sent this know it’s true?"

Latest public Health England data shows 85% of over 16s have received the first dose of a vaccine protecting against Covid, 80% have received two doses.

A booster vaccination rollout has began in the UK enabling over 50s to receive a third jab protecting against the virus.

First doses of vaccines were most recently offered to 12-15-year-olds in England.