First-hand memories bring post-war Britain to life for Buckingham students

A Winslow octogenarian is bringing history to life for overseas students at the University of Buckingham by sharing her memories of post-war Britain.

By Hannah Richardson
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 10:28 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 10:48 am

Marilyn Fairclough, aged 86, provides valuable insight for the Foundation students by sitting in on lectures on British political and social history and providing first-hand accounts of postwar Britain from her own recollections.

Marilyn is secretary of the Friends of the University of Buckingham, a group whose aim is to enhance the experience of students at Buckingham.

Foundation students, who are from overseas, have the challenge of getting into the mindset of Britain's cultural norms as well as learning all the data and concepts required to study political and social history.

Marilyn Fairclough and Jo Leach with students at the University of Buckingham

At a recent lecture, Marilyn was able to help with details of the changing role of women after the Second World War and the social effects on communities who were moved into ‘new towns’ after the war.

Joanna Leach, head of the Foundation and Academic Skills department, who was giving the lecture, said: “Our students are pretty good at getting their heads around Britain’s unique social and political structure, and the history that has formed it.

"But to have anecdotal support from someone who actually remembers the major events we’ve been debating adds such a valuable extra dimension to the learning. It is a relationship that really adds colour for the students.”

Marilyn said: “I love working with our students whenever I get the opportunity – it’s so stimulating working with young minds.

"They said that I can really help bring things to life for them, because I was there."