Aylesbury Vale Academy on the right track towards removal of serious weaknesses rating

Aylesbury Vale Academy
Aylesbury Vale Academy

Aylesbury Vale Academy is taking ‘effective action towards the removal of its serious weaknesses designation’ according to Ofsted inspectors.

The education watchdog published the findings following its third monitoring inspection since the grading was handed out in November 2016.

The latest report says: “The executive principal (Roger Burman) has continued his determined drive for improvement across the school.

“He has used his accurate knowledge and understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the school to prioritise actions that are making a difference.

“He is resolute in his ambition for the school, its staff, pupils and families, and is well aware of the work still to be done.

“Leaders across the school share the executive principal’s aspirations and passion.

“They all work together effectively in order to raise standards.

“They recognise that there is still much to do but have achieved a notable shift in culture, with raised aspirations and expectations across the school.

“The leadership capacity in the school is strong because the executive principal has ensured that the right people have the right responsibilities.

“They understand their roles, have been well trained in order to undertake them and are held to account for the difference that their work makes for pupils.”

The report also identifies ways that the school have gone about making improvements and notes the following:

> Provision for pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities is improving

> Overall, pupils are securing better outcomes than previously

> Behaviour was vastly improved with less disruption to lessons

However, Ofsted also say there are things to improve and note the following:

> Leaders work to improve attendance has had varying success

> Senior leaders do not have a clear view of pupils progress in some subjects

> The quality of teaching, learning and assessment across the school is still not consistently strong