Additional bus routes confirmed in Bucks for new school year

The council has confirmed 14 new bus routes this term.

By James Lowson
Friday, 3rd September 2021, 12:10 pm

An additional 14 school-only commercial bus services will be launched in Bucks next week, the council confirms.

For the new school year 14 more buses will be completing the run, aimed at families who can afford weekly bus fare.

Bucks Council provides free buses for eligible children and sells the remaining seats.

extra school buses will run in Bucks this year

These 14 extra buses will run independently of the council, which advises it has 74 routes for school goers this term.

The council advises that a look at every council-provided bus route can be accessed in full online here.

The council has also provided information on public transport throughout the county online here and all commercial school-only routes are also listed on the council website.

Councillor Steve Broadbent commented: “At the start of the school term the council will be transporting approximately 4,200 children on school buses.

“Bus transport is vital for supporting parents but also for reducing carbon emissions, and our public and commercial bus operators are key partners in tackling climate change. I’m really pleased to see that there are an additional 14 commercially run new school bus routes operating across the county which the council’s officer team have worked to help set up.”

A council spokesperson further outlined the thinking behind the additional services, saying: "All children who currently pay for a seat on a council-run school bus who want a seat on a bus from September 2021 will have the opportunity to buy a seat on a commercial school bus or on a public bus or train.

"The council provides school buses for children who are eligible for transport assistance because of low income, distance from school or special educational needs. If there are spare seats remaining on these buses, these are then made available to paying parents of non-eligible children.

"The council’s school bus routes are changing from September 2021 to ensure that they are cost-effective when contracts are retendered this summer. Currently only 66% of seats on council paid for school buses are taken up by children who qualify for transport assistance.

"This means the council will focus on providing school buses where there is a need for children who qualify for transport assistance under the council’s policy, and there will therefore be fewer spare seats on council-run routes for purchase by parents whose children are not eligible for free school transport."