Jobs: Workers set to lose all inhibitions at work Christmas parties

CHRISTMAS turns into kiss-mass for almost a quarter of Brits who admit to getting intimate with colleagues at works’ festive parties.

Friday, 2nd December 2011, 4:55 pm

And some new ‘research’ from American Restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s suggests teachers are most likely to call in sick the following day while bankers are the most likely to make a fool of themselves.

A fifth of workers from the south east have had a cheeky snog with a colleague at their work Christmas party while a further four per cent have ended up in bed with them.

More than a third of work party-goers from the UK confess to really letting their hair down at their Christmas party.

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In the spirit of Christmas, 15 per cent of workers in the South East have showed their embarrassing moves on the dance floor, 19 per cent have made a fool of themselves and seven per cent have shared secrets they later wish they hadn’t.

In a show of honesty, two per cent of workers have declared love for a colleague at the Christmas bash, and six per cent have told co-workers what they really think of them.

When it comes to really going for it at the work Christmas party, there are differences in how professions behave:

> More than half of HR workers have locked lips with a colleague at their work Christmas party

> Media workers are taking things a step further – a third (33 per cent) have gone all the way and had sex with a colleague after the Christmas bash

> Bankers are most likely to make fools of themselves – 33 per cent admit that they have done so

> Tradesmen are least likely to mince their words, with 15 per cent of them admitting that they have told a colleague ‘what they really thought of them’ at a work party

> One in 10 teachers has called in sick the day after a work Christmas bash

Darrell Wade, T.G.I. Friday’s UK commercial director said: “It’s been a tough year for lots of companies across the UK, so we’re predicting that workers this year will really be letting their hair down and going for it, bosses should be prepared!

“The work Christmas party is all about relaxing and letting your hair down with your work mates and it always provides some chatter around the water cooler the next day!”