Inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore, Aylesbury's Isaac gets on his bike to raise cash for the NHS

Inspired by Sir Captain Tom Moore, Isaac, just 7, will be cycling 21 miles this week to raise money for the NHS.
Isaac with his fundraising money so far!Isaac with his fundraising money so far!
Isaac with his fundraising money so far!

He began his journey on Monday, fitting in long cycles around his homeschooling.

He aims to have completed the challenge by Saturday as snow is forecast around Aylesbury Vale.

Isaac, who lives in Stone has now raised more than £1250!

Isaac, with his mum Juliet and Dad rob check the weather each day and try and ride between 3-5 miles daily after school.

He currently sits on 16 miles.

His mum, Juliet, said: "He is doing amazingly well, having just smashed through the £1000 mark, after an initial target of £100!

"As his challenge has coincided with Captain Sir Tom Moore’s very sad passing yesterday, we are trying to raise as much money for the NHS as possible now, as Isaac found Captain Tom so inspiring!"

This isn't Issac's first charitable endeavour, as just last year, he donated his own pocket money to help the NHS set up the Nightingale Hospital for Coronavirus patients.

This new year, still following events in the news, his resolution was to challenge himself to complete a charity cycle ride for the NHS.

Juliet continued: "He has been going out daily, after an already long homeschool day, but hasn’t once complained, despite the tiredness I know he feels at times.

"He is so excited, motivated and determined to complete this challenge! So spurred on by all the donations, he now intends to push himself to complete it by Saturday - just 6 days! Whilst out on his cycles, wearing a homemade charity bib, we have had members of the public shouting support, beeping horns and stopping to ask for the fundraising page details or passing on cash donations.

"One very kind man even stopped and gave Isaac £100 this afternoon!

"People’s support and generosity, especially from complete strangers, is humbling and heart warming, in these tough times."

Juliet and Rob, Isaac's parents said they were 'immensely proud' of what he is doing, and were hoping to drum up support with the Bucks Herald readers.

They said: "As his parents, we are so so proud and would love to support him to help get as much money for the NHS as possible!

"Is there anyone that might please be able to support his story by any chance?

"We've set up a just giving page, which you can view below.

"Thank you so much!"