'Hampden Fields' project with 3,000 new homes moves a step closer to reality

The huge Hampden Fields projectThe huge Hampden Fields project
The huge Hampden Fields project
Hampden Fields, a key part of Aylesbury’s planned growth and Garden Town masterplan, is one step further towards becoming a reality.

Since Aylesbury Vale District Council resolved to grant planning permission in late 2017, the Hampden Fields Consortium has been working closely with the local Councils to progress and finalise the detail of the associated legal agreement.

A press release from the developers says that the '£70m investment' will deliver 'significant new infrastructure'.

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The proposed integrated community will deliver a range of highway improvements, new schools, a new Doctor’s surgery, employment land for up to 1,200 new jobs and over 109 hectares of green open space.

In the meantime, Buckinghamshire Council has updated the Aylesbury Strategic Transport Model, which confirms that the delivery of a new orbital link roads around Aylesbury will continue to improve the operation of the local road network.

The release adds: "Hampden Fields will deliver a fundamental element of the link road through a new full dual-carriageway Southern Link Road.

"The Hampden Fields Consortium has updated the relevant transport and environmental assessments to be in line with the new transport model and the now advanced stage of the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan.

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"These have been submitted to Buckinghamshire Council and show that the highway and environmental impact of the development can be satisfactorily mitigated.

Subject to issue of the planning permission, it is anticipated that enabling works and the delivery of key infrastructure will begin on site in Summer 2022.

Here are some of the key aspects of the new development:

o Up to 3,000 new family homes

o No less than 30% overall affordable housing which is in excess of the 25% minimum in the emerging VALP and represents a significant benefit to the many people on the housing register in the district.

o The dual carriageway Southern Link Road as well as further contributions of up to £12.1m towards other highways improvements including a South East Aylesbury Link Road contribution of £8.8m.

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o Land and a financial contribution of £17.9m for two new primary schools.

o £19.3m towards a new secondary school off-site at the County Council’s preferred location at Kingsbrook.

o £2.1m towards additional Special Education Needs facilities at Stocklake Park School.

o Land and a building for a new Doctor’s surgery, alongside space for a pharmacy and dental practice.

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o Land for 29,200 sqm of employment space providing the opportunity for 1,200 new jobs.

o A vibrant local centre providing a community centre, nursery, care home, a

pub, restaurant, gymnasium and shops.

o 109 hectares (50% of the site) of high quality green space including formal and informal sports, areas for play, community orchards and growing spaces.

o Electric car charging points to every home and in the local centre, community facilities and employment area.

o A wide range of family homes, a 60-bed care home and 30 self-build plots.