Council Leader Martin Tett: "Coronavirus rate continues to rise in Buckinghamshire"

The Council leader has warned that infection rates continue to sky rocket across Aylesbury Vale.
Council Leader, Martin TettCouncil Leader, Martin Tett
Council Leader, Martin Tett

Writing to residents, Mr Tett said:

"It is only a week since I last wrote to you but the situation continues to change quickly.

"You will be aware from television and radio how swiftly the Covid infection has spread across the north of England and London. Last week I warned that rates were now rising rapidly within Buckinghamshire and asked for your help in reducing the spread.

"Unfortunately, I have to tell you that infection rates have continued to increase. From very low rates in August, the rate has now risen to 109.7 per 100,000 population for Buckinghamshire as a whole.

"The former South Bucks District area continues to have an extremely high rate with 161.8, up from 122.1 last week. Worryingly the rates are now increasing in all parts of Buckinghamshire, not just the south."

These figures are updated weekly.

Mr Tett continued:

"As I said last week, I am completely aware than infection rates are not the same as hospital admissions and at present most cases remain in the younger age ranges, so hospital admissions remain low.

"However, this virus is continuing to spread into older age groups.

"This could mean a rise in hospital admissions in 3 or 4 weeks time as more vulnerable groups are infected.

"This would coincide with when hospitals are at their busiest during winter months.

"Therefore, Buckinghamshire is increasingly on the Government list as an area of concern and for potential movement into ‘Tier 2’, with extra restrictions across a range of our everyday freedoms and impact on jobs."

BC say they are doing the following things to help keep us safe from Coronavirus:

Buckinghamshire Council, in partnership with Buckinghamshire Public Health and the Buckinghamshire NHS, have launched a campaign this week to make people aware of how serious the situation is and ask them for their cooperation on how they act.

They said: "You hopefully will have seen the street banners that are being placed in many high streets and outside schools.

"In addition, we are asking shops to display posters and leaflets. To reach everyone we are writing to every household to making them aware of the seriousness of the situation and asking for their support."

How we can all help

Martin Tett continued: "I am concerned at the number of people who continue to ignore the basics and seem to believe that Covid has either disappeared or poses no threat to them.

"To protect each other we all have a role to play.

Please help by:

-Staying at home if you have symptoms and booking a test, even if your symptoms are only mild

-Observe the rule of six indoors and outdoors

-Always stay 2 metres (6 feet) apart

-Wash your hands thoroughly and often

-Wear a face covering where required (unless you’re exempt)

He continued: "In addition, we are asking you, where possible, on a voluntary basis to avoid socialising with other households indoors at home – meet up outside instead or in a Covid safe environment. This would make a big difference.

"If we all follow this guidance, we still have a chance to get the virus back under control."