Buckinghamshire companies urged to inspire young into workplace

Visitors and exhibitors at last year's Bucks Skills Show.
Visitors and exhibitors at last year's Bucks Skills Show.

Employers across Buckinghamshire are being urged to do their bit to inspire the workforce of the future.

Companies are needed to showcase their products, services and processes at the annual Bucks Skills Show 2019.

The event is planned to take place at The Gateway, in Aylesbury, on October 18 and October 19 and is organised by the The Buckinghamshire Skills Hub Team.

Last year’s skills show attracted 3,000 visitors - nearly double the number who attended the previous year.

And feedback revealed that 98 per cent of exhibitors rated the event as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’

A spokeswoman for the show said companies could help by booking free exhibition space and bringing along an engaging activity to help students interact.

Also needed are high profile speakers to share the insider view on their industries plus sponsors to help attract the attention of more young people.

It is hoped representatives from a range of companies will get involved, including media and creative, engineering, technology and manufacturing, life sciences, health and social care, retail, hospitality and leisure and public services.

To get involved contact The Skills Hub Team on 07725 567874 or email SkillsShow@btvlep.co.uk