Aylesbury Scouts keen to get back to business

In March, face to face Scouting was suspended due to Covid 19.
Scouts have been keen to get back to businessScouts have been keen to get back to business
Scouts have been keen to get back to business

However, that did not stop lots of Scouting activities going on. Zoom became a very popular resource for children, young people, adult volunteers and parents/carers.

There have been virtual camps brilliantly supported by Bucks Scout Radio.

These have included Beavers (boys and girls aged 6 to 8) having a Pirate Adventure weekend, Cubs (boys and girls aged 8 to 10) being stranded on a Desert Island and Explorers (boys and girls aged 14 to 18) staying awake for 24 hours and doing an activity every hour, so there have been various children and young people doing a multitude of different activities.

A large number of children have taken the opportunity to work towards different activity badges at home.

These have included Artist, Astronomer, Chef, Collector, DIY, Global Issues, Home Help, Personal Safety and Scientist. It has also meant that children have built their confidence by talking to a large group of people about what they have done to achieve the particular badge.

Several children have taken the opportunity to get some exercise by participating in walks with members of their family. These have resulted in a great number of Hikes Away badges being gained.

James Palin, lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Scouts said, “The last six months have been very testing but all of the children, young people and volunteers have risen to the challenge. One of my favourite activities was virtual drumming where children were encouraged to use wooden spoons and saucepans and played “We will rock you.”

Adult volunteers are currently writing risk assessments and hopefully all of the Groups will be back to face to face Scouting in the near future. One of the activities I’m really looking

forward to is the virtual camp for Scouts (boys and girls aged 10 to 14).”

For further information about Buckinghamshire Scouts please visit, www.bucks-scouts.org.uk

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