Aylesbury resident's anger grows as 'anti lockdown' protesters congregate without masks in Market Square

The protesters plan to congregate every Monday until lockdowns are lifted.
Protesters filled Market Square yesterdayProtesters filled Market Square yesterday
Protesters filled Market Square yesterday

Just yesterday, a group of between 20 to 30 maskless protestors congregated in Market Square to protest what they see as 'draconian' lockdown measures.

This is as The UK recorded the highest positive tests for Coronavirus since the pandemic began, a whopping 41,385 cases.

The protesters were claiming that the virus was a 'hoax' and has been made up to infringe on civil liberties.

Worldwide, deaths from Coronavirus approaches 2,000,000, and in the UK, an nearly 80,000 people have died.

A local resident of the Old Town, who did not wish to be named said:

"Yesterday, a group of 20-30 maskless and un-socially-distanced people blocked a thoroughfare across Market Square to protest the ‘draconian’ government response to a ‘hoax’ virus.

"A hoax virus. I’m still letting that sink in as our hospitals fill up.

"They have already met previously and plan to do this every Monday at midday until restrictions are lifted and, amazingly, their numbers do seem to be growing.

"While the right to free speech should - of course - be jealously guarded, the pointed non-mask wearing and the lack of social distancing (causing the effective obstruction of a thoroughfare), is pretty rude and - in the current situation -dangerous, and that’s before we even get to the ludicrousness of their message."

Several concerned Aylesbury residents have been in touch with The Herald about the lack of enforcement of people refusing to wear masks, to help stem the sky rocketing rates of Coronavirus cases.

The lack of enforcement and reprimands for doing so is causing anxiety for people who are doing the right thing and wearing masks to protect others.

The resident continued: "Regardless of one’s stance on lockdown measures, I’m still amazed that anyone would put their blazing self-righteousness before helping frightened and potentially vulnerable people.

"You think masks are unnecessary because your Facebook feed vomited up some half-baked nonsense from a ‘mate’s friend who knows a doctor in the NHS’?

"Idiotic, but fine: why not wear one anyway to make a vulnerable pensioner feel easier about popping out to the shops ?

"I guess I’m asking a) why people can’t just be nice (rhetorical question, really) ? And b) why the messaging and enforcement around masks in particular, can’t be stronger while the health situation is so grave ? Polite intervention in supermarkets would be a great place to start, and would certainly make everyone feel safer.

"Regarding the protestors, it would be lovely to see them compelled to help out on an NHS Covid ward or even just having their loudhailer batteries confiscated, but, that being unlikely, could we at least enforce masks, social distancing and a less obstructive location for their ‘protest’?"