Aylesbury 3D printing business featured on BBC show

The design business was showcased on a CBeebies programme educating youngsters on how printing works.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 2:54 pm

Print World an Aylesbury business, was showcased on the BBC programme, Maddie's Do You Know.

The printing business was the chosen location for an educational look at how 3D printing works.

Presenter Maddie Moate explores how 3D printing works using the massive machine within the workshop. The show is available to watch on the IPlayer here and first aired on the CBeebies channel on May 30.

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BBC presenter Maddie Moate trying on her Print World glasses in Aylesbury

Maddie marvels at how Oli from Print World is able to create 3D glasses using computer design programmes.

The BBC presenters get to see firsthand how the workshop's hightech gear can slowly and meticulously create a variety of objects.

By the end of this short educational show Maddie has her own set of yellow novelty glasses, courtesy of the modern tech down at this Aylesbury store.

Jonny who oversaw the operation for the Print World team told the Bucks Herald, "The main response we've got is, 'oh I didn't know you could do that'.

"As a company we're more known for our 2D services, leaflet printing and repair work."

Setting up the workshop in a ready for television way, was a challenge, especially as the series was shot during lockdown, Jonny explained: "We are renovating at the moment so we had to make sure we had enough space.

"The shop was still open and following PPE guidelines so we knew it would be safe. You still had to deal with the fact you can't wear a mask on camera and with it being BBC we had to make sure we hid all of our branding due to advertising laws."

When asked why a BBC feature might choose a local Aylesbury store for its showcase, Jonny suggested it could be recognition for the good work the company has done with schools, setting up innovative games. He added: "We've done a lot of work with schools in the area. We had one project where we invited schools to do a Scalextric-type racing competition.

"We asked the children to design their own cars, we took those designs and created vehicles they could then race against each other. We had different schools competing against one another."

When asked to summarise the overall experience Jonny said: "The BBC team were great they were really friendly. I didn't know that Maddie was going to have that same energy and enthusiasm when the cameras off, as you see when she is on screen. Oli did go very red as well when the cameras were on!"