Analysis reveals top ten Aylesbury Vale and Buckinghamshire accident hotspots

A HIGHWAYS authority has published crash sites across the county ‘ranked by number and severity’.
The biggest accident hotspot in BuckinghamshireThe biggest accident hotspot in Buckinghamshire
The biggest accident hotspot in Buckinghamshire

A Countywide analysis conducted within the last five years by Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) has revealed the top ‘collision clusters’ – areas where five or more incidents of varying severity have occurred within a 50-metre radius.

There are currently more than 160 sites meeting this criterion across Buckinghamshire.

The list is prioritised “according to the number and severity of the collisions” during that time, with “Serious” and “Fatal” injuries to those aboard given a higher weighting than “Slight”.

Although TfB conduct site visits with police after every fatal collision, it does not automatically lead to corrective measures.

However, sites towards the top of the list are investigated to establish if such measures can lower the rate of incidents.

For the current year 2019/20, the top 20 cluster sites (all collisions) are:

1 A41 Bicester Road J/W A4157 Haydon Road, Aylesbury

2 A413 Buckingham Road, Aylesbury J/W C180 Bicester Road (Triple Roundabouts)

3 A412 Uxbridge Road, Iver Heath J/W MC27 Black Park Road

4 U1809 Micklefield Road, High Wycombe, approx 20 metres north J/W A40 London Road

5 A418 Cambridge Street/Bierton Road, Aylesbury J/W A418 Park Street

6 A413 New Street, Aylesbury J/W C176 Cambridge Street

7 A418 Oxford Road, Aylesbury J/W A41 Gatehouse Road

8 A41 Tring Road, Aylesbury J/W U21 King Edward Avenue

9 A40 roundabout J/W A404 Marlow Hill, High Wycombe

10 A413 London Road, Great Missenden J/W MC60 Old London Road

11 A41 Aston Clinton Bypass, Weston Turville J/W C141 Aston Clinton Road

12 A413 Buckingham Road, Aylesbury J/W carpark to parade shops south of Weedon Road J

13 A40 Oxford Road J/W A412 Denham Road, Denham roundabout

14 A41 Exchange Street, Aylesbury J/W High Street

15 C70 Portway Road, Stone J/W C77 Bishopstone Road (Crossroads)

16 A40 Wycombe End, Beaconsfield J/W UNC Burkes Road

17 A40 Pyebush Roundabout, Beaconsfield J/W A355

18 U814 Cressex Road, High Wycombe J/W UNC Coronation Road

19 A404 Amersham Road, Hazlemere J/W B474 Penn Road

20 A41 Friarage Road, Aylesbury J/W UNC Station Road West

A spokesperson for TfB said: “Some of these sites have already received remedial works in previous years and the casualty rate is falling, and some are due to be developed as part of upcoming projects, including safety schemes.”

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