3.8-magnitude Earthquake hits Aylesbury this morning

Did you feel the earthquake this morning around 9.45 am?
Did you feel the earthquake?Did you feel the earthquake?
Did you feel the earthquake?

The 3.8-magnitude tremor struck the Aylesbury area this morning.

Social media has been alive with speculation about the incident.

Website Volcano discovery said the "Estimated released energy: 3.2 x 1010 joules (8.78 megawatt hours, equivalent to 7.56 tons of TNT)"

Sophie, who lives in the town centre said she thought someone had dropped a big bit of furniture upstairs.

"The walls started shaking, I was completely taken by surprise.

"The crockery in the kitchen was rattling, it was so weird.

"I thought the windows might fall out!

"I had absolutely no idea was going on, it's not really the kind of thing you expect on a Tuesday morning in Aylesbury!

"I just thought it was the person upstairs causing a racket! I'm glad it wasn't stronger - it could have caused some real damage."

Some residents reported ground shaking.

More on this as we get it!

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